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IPv6 Bittorrent

IPv6 capable BitTorrent from NIIF/HUNGARNET

This page has split into two pieces: the clients, the bittorrent services via IPv6

The recommended client is the Bittornado, since the development is relatively stable.

1. Original Bittorrent client

Patch for original Bittorrent version 3.3
  1. Be sure that your machine can communicate via IPv6.
  2. You should use Python version 2.3.x at least, in order to be able to use this patch
  3. This patch tries to solve the following:
    • It can bind to the AF_INET6 wildcard socket and AF_INET wildcard socket in the same time. This should valid for most of the implementation however you might need to change the ipv6_bind_ipv4 default value in bind()
    • It can correctly connect to any kind of socket - uses family independent functions
  4. You can try this patch to with patch < command to Bittorrent version 3.3.
  5. Then install Bittorent according to the original documentation

Do no try to use this patch for Bittorrent version 3.4.1 or later, since they introduce a different protocol for announcement (compact=1), that is no longer transport neutral: encodes the IP+Port into a binary stream without proper bencoding. Bittorrent 3.4.1 and later introduces bad protocol changes.

2. ABC [ Yet Another Bittorrent Client ] for Windows (and Linux)

ABC [ Yet Another Bittorrent Client ] claims, that it has IPv6 support since version 2.6.
  • Windows
    • Working properly on Windows XP but without IPv6. The python on Windows does not support IPv6, so you cannot expect that will support IPv6.
  • Linux
    • You cannot install ABC on Linux: you should run from the extraction directory. There are lot of hardwired path in the code, that has to be cleaned up.
    • The ABC does support IPv6 on Linux (and FreeBSD). You have to manually enable it, then you can use it. Not tested the version later than 2.6.5. I will do it when 2.7.0 will be available.
  • General comments
    • The core of the the ABC based on the Shadows Bittorent client that has IPv6 support.

3. Bittornado

Bittornado has IPv6 support since version 0.0.1. The latest version 0.3.7 has also the (compact=1) changes, therefore render IPv6 support useless. I am sure that IPv6 never tested in Bittornado 0.3.7. There is a patch here to disable the usage of compact=1 on clients.
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